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- We are the stories we tell -
At Community Storywork, I firmly believe that funders, decision-makers, and governing bodies connect more deeply with human stories than with mere numbers and data in presentations. That's why I'm dedicated to assisting community organisations and council services by crafting compelling storytelling that can genuinely make a difference.

About Community Storywork©

My transformative creative media service, including filmmaking, sound work, and illustration, prioritises participant well-being, service promotion, and community engagement. By helping people tell their stories, I not only empower individuals but also promote services for organisations and facilitate community consultation. My inclusive approach fosters personal growth, well-being, and valuable insights for organisations, striking a balance between participant empowerment, service promotion, and community connection. Join me in creating a tapestry of voices that inspire positive change.

Given the delicate nature of my media work, where I capture personal stories, I refrain from showcasing all of them on this website. It would be more effective for us to meet in person, allowing me to present you with a broader array of examples from my portfolio.

Here follows an example of how stories are qualitative (warm) data
and how I can draw it out for your organisation using a thematic analysis approach.
-This piece of work was done for Petra Publishing as part of the Lula and the Flame project 2024.

Our Services

Harnessing the power of storytelling to drive positive change within communities.

My  passion lies in presenting these stories in a compelling and authentic way, creating a deeper understanding and connection within communities whilst you gather much needed qualitative data. Let me help you bring these stories to life and make a lasting impact.

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Whether you're a community organisation or a council service, I offer a range of services to meet your needs. From documenting a project from start to finish to joining in at any point along the way, or even just at the end, I am here to assist you in preserving and sharing the voices and experiences that make your community unique.

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I specialise in bespoke socially oriented projects using film, audio, illustration, creative writing, music, and technology. My mission is to foster greater well-being and aid community consultation for community organisations and council services by capturing people's stories.

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My Mission

At Community Storywork, my mission is to use film and audio to capture qualitative data, specifically people's stories.

I believe it is important to capture these stories because they empower individuals and bring communities together. By documenting these narratives, community organisations and council services can gain valuable qualitative data for their projects.

Moreover, these recorded stories become online Social Prescribing tools, enhancing the reach and impact of your work. Through the power of storytelling, my projects become a celebration of the people and their experiences.

Why Choose Me

Professional quality: I am an experienced creative skilled at producing high-quality content.

Authenticity: I understand the importance of capturing genuine and authentic stories. My approach is person-centred, focused on creating a comfortable and trusting environment for participants to share their experiences.

Impactful storytelling: I am able to convey the emotions and nuances of each story, allowing community organisations and council services to better understand and connect with the people they serve.

Storywork Partners!

Community Storywork is very proud to count Between The Trees, The Centre For Systemic Studies, Petra Publishing, Lads & Dads, 4theRegion and Invisible Walls
as fellow co-creators of a more compassionate world and at the heart of all our work is the concept of Ubuntu an ancient African word that reminds us of our interconnectedness and the importance of showing humanity to others.

We believe that by embracing and sharing each other's stories, we can truly understand who we are!


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