Community Storywork© harnesses the transformative power of individuals' stories, recognising them as qualitative warm data and essential for fostering greater overall well-being. Through thematic analysis, I offer valuable insights to organisations, councils, and charities involved in community work.

Case Study Films

Dive deep into the experiences and perspectives of individuals in your organisation's projects.

Capture qualitative data through interviews and storytelling.

Showcase real-life impact, resonate with the audience, and strengthen partnerships.

Accommodate anonymity through audio capture or transcription for voice actors.

Prioritise creating a safe and inclusive space for storytellers.

Service Overview Films

Tailored for community organisations and council services.

Inclusive production process to authentically share the impact of work.

Prioritise anonymity options and create a safe space for storytellers.

Social Storywork

I specialise in custom, socially oriented projects crafted in collaboration with you for optimal outcomes. From community consultation to promoting well-being and fostering collaboration, I tailor my approach to your needs and budget. Whether it's a small project or a larger endeavour, I'm committed to bringing your vision to life and preserving the voices and experiences of your community.

Friendship Storywork

"Building Resilient Bonds: Friendship Storywork, Empowering Narratives that Unite and Strengthen"

Friendship Storywork creates a welcoming space for diverse groups to share narratives and strengthen bonds. Inspired by the Welsh concept of Cynefin, my approach fosters communal identity through storytelling. I offer various avenues, from booklets to online platforms, using multimedia to bridge generational gaps. Embracing fiction and fact, I encourage creative exploration of personal experiences. Join me in celebrating the power of storytelling to weave threads of friendship, connecting diverse groups and discovering universal truths.

Soundscape Storywork

"Empowering Voices, Inspiring Communities: Soundscape Storywork, Transforming Narratives for Well-being, Services, and Engagement"

Soundscape Storywork is a transformative audio service prioritising participant well-being, service promotion, and community engagement. Through powerful storytelling, I empower individuals, promote services for organisations, and facilitate community consultation. My inclusive approach fosters personal growth, well-being, and valuable insights for organisations, striking a balance between participant empowerment, service promotion, and community connection. Join me in creating a tapestry of voices that inspire positive change.

Example of Soundscape Storywork

Here is an example of a radio play that I created with a men's well-being group.

Here is an entirely different approach to using audio recordings to gather qualitative data about how people benefit from the service you provide.

Here is a brief excerpt from a longer podcast episode, serving as an example of how to present an audio podcast to the client in a more visual and engaging format.

Illustration, Design & Animation Storywork

In addition to my expertise in media production, storywork, and qualitative data thematic analysis, I provide illustration, design, and animation services to effectively convey your message and bring the stories of the people you serve, as well as those of your organisation, to life. Allow me to assist you in creating impactful and compelling narratives that communicate meaning and value.