Qualitative Data Study Analysis Report: The Impact of Between The Trees Festival on Personal Journeys


This report presents the findings of a qualitative data study analysing the impact of Between The Trees Festival on the personal journeys of various participants. The study focused on seven individuals associated with the festival, including festival staff, volunteers, artists, and attendees. The aim was to understand the role of the festival in shaping their experiences and perceptions, particularly in relation to nature, community, and personal growth.

Themes and Findings:

Sense of Belonging and Connection:
a. Peter Britton and family shared the feeling of being separated from the outside world during the festival. However, they emphasised the strong connection with like-minded people in a beautiful environment. The festival provided a remarkable sense of belonging and community.
b. Megan Cox described her experience of performing at the festival with her family. She highlighted the significance of her family's connection with other attendees, especially those who knew her parents from school. The festival acted as a platform for building relationships and connections.

Escape and Reconnection with Nature:
a. Dan Stabillo and Family discussed their transition from a monotonous office job to developing an interest in photography and the outdoors. Between The Trees Festival offered them an opportunity to escape the office environment and reconnect with nature. It provided a refreshing break and a chance to pursue their interests.
b. Stevie & Steve emphasised the feeling of being disconnected from the world after experiencing personal loss. Volunteering at the festival allowed them to immerse themselves in wildlife, nature, and music. The festival provided solace and a sense of connection with the environment.

Personal Growth and Transformation:
a. Megan Cox expressed how her involvement in the festival as a staff member transformed her career and became her favourite job. The festival played a significant role in shaping her professional journey and personal growth.
b. Abayo, a festival staff member, discussed the challenges of adapting to the UK initially and the positive impact of Between The Trees Festival and the people involved. The festival provided a platform for meeting new friends, boosting confidence, and supporting emotional and mental well-being.

Community and Connection Building:
a. Stian & Abi highlighted the importance of the festival as a space for community and connection. They mentioned inviting new people to the festival every year and witnessing the growth and journeys of individuals. The festival facilitated the formation of friendships and a sense of community.

The qualitative data analysis revealed the significant impact of Between The Trees Festival on the personal journeys of the participants. The festival provided a unique environment for individuals to connect with nature, form meaningful relationships, and experience personal growth. It served as a space for escape, solace, and community building. The findings underscored the festival's role in creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, fostering a sense of belonging, and facilitating transformative experiences.

These findings contribute to a deeper understanding of the importance of nature-based festivals in promoting well-being, personal development, and community engagement. The insights from this study can inform festival organisers, community organisations, and policymakers in creating similar events that prioritise environmental connection, personal growth, and community building.

Limitations of the study include a small sample size and the specific context of the festival in South Wales. Future research could explore the long-term effects of festival participation on personal journeys and further investigate the interplay between nature, community, and individual well-being during festival experiences