André van Wyk

(Community Storywork Founder)

André van Wyk, founder of Community Storywork, is originally from South Africa and moved to Wales to follow love. Happily married to his beautiful wife Cath, a talented thespian, they have two wonderful teenagers: Aaron, a drummer in a band striving for the rock 'n' roll dream, and Evie, a singer, dancer, and all-round creative.

André has over 20 years of hands-on experience in creative community well-being work across South Wales, including roles as a Detached Youth Worker, Arts Development Officer, Local Community Coordination team member, and Creative Wellbeing Developer for a Cultural Trust.

His transformative media services—encompassing filmmaking, sound work, and illustration—prioritise participant well-being, service promotion, and community engagement. Greatly inspired by community-focused author Mike Church, André always strives to connect the dots through growing relationships. By empowering individuals to share their stories, he not only promotes organisational services but also facilitates community consultation. His extensive project management experience and industry-level media and design skills ensure every project meets the highest quality standards. Influenced by the Centre for Systemic Studies and Between The Trees, André values the impact of collaborative work on community strength and personal growth. Join him in weaving a tapestry of voices that inspire positive change.

-Community Storywork Established 2024-